• Why Castrol?
    Because we value quality the most.

About the company

ONICO OIL S.A. is the exclusive distributor of Castrol industrial oils in Poland.  The major aim of our activity is to cater best to our clients’ needs and expectations in their operations requiring the use of Castrol industrial oils.

Castrol industrial oils are products of highest quality. It is not oils! It is liquid technology. It is also guaranteed clients’ satisfaction in their business.

Product range

Vast choice of lubricants

ONICO OIL offers a wide range of Castrol high-efficiency lubricants for diverse applications - including very demanding and money-consuming machines requiring  high end lubrication technology.


With the use of Castrol products you can be sure of your machines’  efficient and long performance - even in harsh and adverse conditions. This will translate into more efficient production.